Ep. 4 w/ Hector Anchondo – Life as a “blue collar musician”

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Today’s guest is blues guitar player and singer/songwriter Hector Anchondo.

Find Hector online:

Show notes:
[00:00:00] Introduction
[00:02:17] Hector Anchondo background
[00:08:12] Episode start, how I became aware of Hector
[00:10:30] What Hector has been up to
[00:15:40] Financial troubles and ‘rolling the dice’
[00:17:40] The lifestyle of a “blue collar” musician
[00:20:30] Hector’s upbringing in music
[00:28:45] Discovering the blues
[00:33:01] Getting into Stratocaster players, guitar talk
[00:36:25] Discussing improvisation
[00:41:05] Discussing practice
[00:42:05] Hector’s first band Anchondo, lessons learned
[00:52:40] First experiences in the studio and releasing music
[00:56:00] Releasing his first blues album and the change in the music business
[01:01:50] Determining direction after Anchondo, first solo recording
[01:09:05] Getting into Blues challenges and competitions
[01:13:10] Freaky fans
[01:15:40] Getting into blues radio promotion
[01:21:17] Managing money in a band
[01:24:35] Relationships and families as a musician
[01:34:11] What’s next for Hector and van talk