Ep. 3 w/ Jon Ochsner – Sound engineering, Waning Gibbous and diversity in the sound community

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Today’s guest is a true gem of the Omaha music scene, and his name is Jon Ochsner.

Jon is one of the most friendly people I have ever met, and he is exceptionally talented and creative in a lot of different areas. He’s a writer, a musician, a sociologist, a sound engineer, and an educator.

Jon plays bass guitar with Omaha-based jazz soul and rock ‘n roll band All Young Girls Are Machine Guns. He is part of the improvisational ambient noise open collective Waning Gibbous. And he is currently employed at Hi-Fi House, which is a social listening laboratory and vinyl record library here in the Blackstone district of Omaha, and that is just a start of the various projects, bands, and ventures Jon is involved with at any given point in time.

Jon and I met up at Hi-Fi House for a wide ranging (and dimly lit) conversation about Jon’s background, some lessons he’s learned in sound engineering in live and studio settings, we talk in detail about the Waning Gibbous project, and Jon’s passion for expanding diversity in the sound engineering field among other topics.

Find Jon & Waning Gibbous online:

Show notes:
[00:00:24] Album release updates, listening party event
[00:03:31] Album unboxing
[00:06:20] Second single and video from the album
[00:07:10] Other updates, Jon introduction
[00:11:20] Jon’s childhood and discovery of music
[00:17:20] How Jon started playing bass guitar
[00:30:34] Jon discusses having access to a recording setup early on and how he’s still using the same setup currently
[00:36:15] Interning at ARC and Jon’s experiences in sound engineering
[00:41:40] The importance of respect in the sound community and lessons in live sound engineering
[00:55:02] The Waning Gibbous idea, origin, and the limitations the collective works in
[01:28:08] More details about interning as a sound engineer, the studio experience, working with great Omaha artists
[01:34:20] Jon’s work in sound engineering education, Omaha Girls Rock, and his passion for expanding diversity in the sound community
[01:43:00] Sound Club Facebook groups – vehicles for correcting gender imbalance in the sound community and sharing opportunity
[01:56:20] Quick info on Hi-Fi House

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