Ep. 2 w/ Luke Pettipoole – The Envy Corps, melodies and playing the studio

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There is no handbook for a creative life, and everyone has a different story that leads them to express themselves. In The Masen Conversation, singer-songwriter Joshua Masen sits down with musicians, artists, entreprenuers, and creatives of all kinds for extended conversations about the origin of their craft, their daily inspirations and motivations, and techniques for living and balancing a creative life. If you’re fascinated by stories of how and why people come to do what they do, this is the podcast for you.

This conversation is with my friend Luke Pettipoole. Luke is the songwriter, bass player and founding member of the band The Envy Corps, a band with a pretty fascinating history including signing with Universal Records, touring with The Killers, and landing music placements in hit TV shows like Entourage. Luke also produced the fantastic Twinsmith record ‘Alligator Years’, did some engineering work on Omaha-based Icky Blossoms ‘Mask’, and played bass on the Trevor Sensor record ‘Andy Warhol’s Dream’.

Luke and I hung out at Flywheel to talk about The Envy Corps, his history in playing music and songwriting, using the recording studio as an instrument, the realities of the music business and a bunch more.

Find Luke and The Envy Corps online:

Show notes:
[00:00:00] – Intro, debut album release info
[00:06:00] – Luke Pettipoole, The Envy Corps intro
[00:10:55] – Why The Envy Corps never sounded like a ‘local band’
[00:12:11] – Luke’s background in a musical family
[00:15:25] – Luke’s first memories of playing music
[00:19:30] – Getting in trouble listening to Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, etc
[00:24:05] – The impact of Weird Al
[00:25:55] – Starting to write songs, music theory
[00:29:58] – Origin of The Envy Corps
[00:35:43] – The state of the music business, circa 2001
[00:39:20] – Building a fan base
[00:46:43] – Current state of The Envy Corps and building a studio
[00:55:36] – Discussing the importance of melody
[01:02:25] – Who’s gonna play bass?
[01:08:00] – The studio journey
[01:16:22] – How Luke writes songs in The Envy Corps
[01:31:13] – How The Envy Corps production happens
[01:40:00] – Reflecting on having a child