Ep. 1 w/ Ben Baldwin – Songwriting, booking, and balancing a music life

Ben Baldwin is the lead singer/guitar player/songwriter for his band the B. Baldwin Band, he is the booker at the Down Under Lounge here in Omaha, he’s an active photographer, he’s a writer, he works with video, and the list goes on.

In this conversation we cover a lot of topics, from Ben’s background and history in songwriting, how he made his way to Omaha, his video series The Stairwell Sessions, his job as a booker and some do’s and dont’s for bands and solo musicians trying to book shows, his involvement with Porchfest, the creative process in general, and much, much more.

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Selected links from the episode:
Omaha Stairwell Sessions – https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=omaha+stairwell+sessions

Show notes:
[00:02:48] – Ben talks about his childhood and moving around with his mother in the Navy
[00:07:44] – Ben and I talk about our first bands and getting into songwriting
[00:17:26] – Ben discusses his arrival in Omaha and discovering the Omaha music scene
[00:19:59] – We discuss how important relationships and chemistry is in a band
[00:22:00] – Ben discusses leaving his accounting job and committing to music
[00:26:30] – We discuss Ben creating the Omaha Stairwell Sessions
[00:38:50] – How Ben got started booking, his process, and do’s and dont’s for bands
[01:04:04] – Determining if your music or your band is good and setting goals
[01:08:34] – Cover charges, band pay, alcohol and music
[01:15:18] – Marketing shows, effort by bands and venues
[01:20:00] – Ben’s involvement in Porchfest Omaha
[01:28:42] – Ben’s current projects and photography
[01:34:00] – Day jobs and how they balance or influence artistic pursuits
[01:42:54] – Taking time to enjoy the experience of creating

Mentions this episode:
M Shop
People’s Bar
DG’s Taphouse
Yacht Club
Barley Street Tavern
The Down Under Lounge
Aly Peeler
Valerie Electric Radbolt
Ben & Bolt
Domestic Blend
OMAHA (Band)
Chris Doolittle
Side Talk
Cosmic Smiths
The Hottman Sisters
Jon Evans
Brandon Webber
The Ragabonds
Pleides and The Bear
Daisy Distraction
Tiny Monsters
Matt Jones
Derek Bird
Jared Dietz
Andrew Bailey
The Jazzholes
Brady Wells
Harney Street Tavern
Rick Carson
Make Believe Studios
Daniel Butler
Daniel and the Deliverance
Emily Ward
Emily Cox
M3 Management(?)
Hector Anchondo
Adam Sherrard
Dirty River Ramblers
Cali Taco
Caleb Collins
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