The Masen Conversation Podcast

There is no handbook for a creative life, and everyone has a different story that leads them to express themselves. In The Masen Conversation, singer-songwriter Joshua Masen sits down with musicians, artists, entreprenuers, and creatives of all kinds for extended conversations about the origin of their craft, their daily inspirations and motivations, and techniques for living and balancing a creative life. If you're fascinated by stories of how and why people come to do what they do, this is the podcast for you.

Ep. 1 w/ Ben Baldwin – Songwriting, booking, and balancing a music life

Subscribe via iTunes Ben Baldwin is the lead singer/guitar player/songwriter for his band the B. Baldwin Band, he is the booker at the Down Under Lounge here in Omaha, he’s an active photographer, he’s a writer, he works with video, and the list goes on. In this conversation we cover a lot of topics, from […]